This weekend’s episode of Indian Idol 10 will see Gurdas Maan and Neha Kakkar bringing quite a lot of Punjabi fervour in the show.

Gurdas Maan and Neha Kakkar pack a punch with their Punjabi fervour on Indian Idol 10

Sway along to the Punjabi tunes this weekend in Sony TV’s Indian Idol 10!!

With the legendary singer Gurdas Maan gracing the show, and with the contestants representing diversity in culture through the Folk Challenge, viewers will have a fabulous musical time.

When Gurdas Maan is around, the Punjabi fervour is usually at its peak. And he recognized the true spirit of a Punjabi in Judge Neha Kakkar.

Maan we hear, complimented Neha for being a true Punjaban, with her Punjabiness being loved by one and all.

Neha was so overwhelmed with Gurdas coming on the show that she was heard saying that it was an honour to have him on the show. The whole scenario brought about some unforgettable moments for contestants.

What’s more? Neha showed her Punjabi fervour by getting on to the dhol, entertaining one and all with her musical beats on the dhol.

Gurdas Maan entertained everyone with his performance on his famous Punjabi song Challa and also stunned all with his Bhangra moves.

Let’s give a big shout out to the entertaining lot out here…



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