Team Jiji Maa on an offsite trip...

Jiji Maa cast and crew on a summer break

It is that time of the year, where everyone wants to take a chill pill near the beach or getaway near a poolside to beat the heat in Mumbai summers. Talking of getaways, Star Bharat’s enthusiastic cast and crew of Show ‘Jiji Maa’ (Jay Productions), have always been going out for trips together, and recently went to lonavala for an offsite trip. Previously they had been to shirdi to seek blessings for their show.

The entire cast including director Rohit Goyal with his wife Deepika Singh decided to go for a holiday away from work and take a break from tight shoot schedules. The entire crew has become one big family to which they have given a hashtag called #Jijimites. Team ‘Jiji Maa’ booked a resort in Lonavala and had the best time from chilling in the pool to clicking pictures and playing outdoor games.

Jiji Maa cast and crew on a summer break

Hearing from Dishank Arora , the lead of the show he says, “ The short summer break was much needed and it was so refreshing. We made some great memories. It helped us all to get our mind off work to rejuvenate and retreat. We made the most of the long weekend. Hope we take more trips in future.”


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