Karan and Preeta from Kundali Bhagya or Abhi and Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya, would you be able to choose a favourite jodi?

Karan & Preeta vs Abhi & Pragya- Who’s got the best chemistry?

Two of the most iconic shows of Zee TV, Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya, have been a rage amongst the audience and are somewhat favourites for people o all generations! Interestingly, Kundali Bhagya is a spin-off of the show Kumkum Bhagya but what is more interesting is how the lead pairs of both the shows are holding their own and audience seems to be loving them just as much if not more.

While Karan and Preeta have their sweet and spicy love story roping the audience in, Abhi and Pragya seem to be the definition of love itself, and their love story standing against the test of time and even withstanding all odds. Both the leading ladies are equally interesting and candid to watch while both the actors are handsome and supportive of their better halves like only few can imagine.
Karan & Preeta vs Abhi & Pragya- Who’s got the best chemistry?
In this Holi picture, we can see just how amazing the four of them look! Abhi and Pragya are definitely the timeless classics here but we can say for sure that the new kids on the block, Karan and Preeta, are also giving them a tough fight when it comes to favourite jodi.

Karan and Preeta are giving major couple goals to all the youth out there while Abhi and Pragya are a testimony of love that stands tall through it all. Both the shows are also high on audiences’ favourite lists and totally worth binge watching and we think the lead pairs have a lot to do with the success of the shows as well. While we may not b able to totally decide upon our favourite jodi, we certainly think that both Karan & Preeta and Abhi & Pragya are a total treat to watch and they definitely fuel our hope in love stories.

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