Karanvir gives lessons on hygiene

Karanvir guides Bigg Boss housemates in cleanliness & hygiene

Actor Karanvir Bohra we hear has always been a stickler for hygiene which of course is extremely important. The actor who is locked up inside the house was seen guiding the inmates on the segregation of dry and wet garbage. While in the leaked video, Dipika and others are seen laughing away, Karanvir looks to be very serious as he goes around and explains to everyone about disposing waste properly. The actor we hear has always been like this and in fact he makes sure that proper hygiene and cleanliness is followed at his house as well.

Karanvir, prior to entering the house, was also working with environmentalist and lawyer Aftoz Shah for the cleanup of Versova beach. He used to go pick up garbage every Sunday and hence Versova Beach is pretty much free of garbage now.

Going back to the leaked video, what really strikes out is that towards the end of the video, Karanvir is also heard speaking to Bigg Boss saying that it would be nice if we could set aside the extra food and Bigg Boss can distribute it to those in need. Now that’s very thoughtful of the actor!

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