Kriti Sanon & Kartik Aryan on The Kapil Sharma Show

Kartik Aryan speaks about his childhood on The Kapil Sharma Show

This Sunday on The Kapil Sharma Show, India’s favorite comedian Kapil Sharma will be playing host to two of Bollywood’s most celebrated actors-Kriti Sanon & Kartik Aryan who have wooed audiences with their killer looks and brilliant acting skills. During the show, both the actors made some interesting revelations about their personal lives amongst others.

Kapil is known to dig out secrets from the celebrities which their fans are not aware of. One such secret that Kartik revealed to Kapil was his fixation of going to the zoo with his grandfather early in the morning. Kartik said, “When I was in Jabalpur and staying with my maternal grandparents (naana-naani), I used to get my naanu to take me out to the zoo every morning.” When everyone including his co-star asked him the reason for doing so every day, Kartik mentioned, “I had this weird fascination of watching elephants poop. I know it’s weird but then somehow I found it very intriguing, so every morning I used to insist on going to the zoo just to watch the magnificent animal pooping.” Kapil and everyone present on the sets couldn’t control their laughter after listening to this. Kapil further insists on knowing as to how did his naanu entertain this demand of his, to which Kartik says, “shayad unko bhi pasand tha wo dekhna.”

Kartik has been a mischievous kid and when Kapil asked him about his favorite games while he was growing up, Kartik revealed that he loved video games. For him video games were his priority more than his studies and had once got caught. Kartik confessed, I used to bunk tuitions and instead go to play video games with my friends. No one knew about it back home until one day when my mom decided to call my tuition teacher just to generally check on me and how I was coping with the syllabus etc. My mom asked ‘kaisa kar raha hai mera beta’ and to her surprise, the teacher asked her ‘kaun sa beta’. That day I got a good bashing from my mother when I came back home.”

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