Wanna catch Karan-Preeta or Sameer-Shrishti after lockdown? COMMENT

Kundali Bhagya’s Karan-Preeta VS Sameer-Shristi: Whose Chemistry do You Want To See After LOCKDOWN?

Many may come and go but you will not get any show even close to Kundali Bhagya. The show has been one of the shows which go straight from the Tv and pierce into our heart. Such is the creative content and storyline. Started back 3 years ago, Kundali Bhagya made us realize that there are still good shows on TV.

Since the lockdown is getting easier on us, the show has started resuming and the shoot has already started. So, your favorite couples from Kundali Bhagya are back on Tv from Monday. So are you excited to see them after a long time?

Shraddha Arya is currently seen playing the role of Dr. Preeta while Dheeraj Dhooapr is currently seen as Karan Luthra in Kundali Bhagya. Both have been playing the lead for 3 years and now they have become the favorite couple on TV. Say their magical chemistry or their cute banters, they just sizzle every time they come together, right? The Karan Luthra and Dr. Preeta?

Whereas, Anjum Fakih who plays the role of Shrishti Arora, Preeta’s sister falls in love with Sameer Luthra aka Abhishek Kapur, the cousin of Karan. Now this love story also has evolved over the years and they have also come closer. Their crackling chemistry and on-going romance are all we need to see to get over this lockdown romance, right?

Right after this lockdown, who would you like to see? Karan and Preeta or Sameer and Shrishti?

Vote here for the best couple.

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