IWMBuzz.com gets talking to Iqbal Khan on his return in a new look in the popular Star Bharat show.

I have never attempted this kind of a complete makeover – Iqbal Khan on his new look in Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya

Heart throb Iqbal Khan is back in Star Bharat’s Kaal Bhairav – Rahasya (Ravi Garani) and how!!!

He’s literally risen from the dead… and is now back in a brand new avatar… a look that stuns us beyond expectations!!

IWMBuzz.com was the first in fact to report about Iqbal Khan returning to the show to create huge levels of suspense.

The stunning looking promo revealed for the first time Iqbal in his new look. And today, with the popular actor putting up his new look picture on social media, he’s been applauded for the daring step he’s taken as an actor!!

So do you like Iqbal’s long grey hair and beard look?

Well, we got the chance to talk to Iqbal himself, and he had this to say. “See, the whole show is thriller-based. I cannot reveal the story to you; all I can say is that it is going to be surprising. The first surprise was my return in this avatar. Viewers will have two more suprises. Overall, this last stint of mine in the show will be a roller-coaster ride.”

Ask him about the stunning look he has got and Iqbal is quick to say, “I have never attempted this kind of a complete makeover. This is also new to me. But I am glad that all have liked it; I am getting complimented for it.”

Iqbal Khan goes on to credit Dharmesh Shah, the Show Runner of the show for the idea behind this amazing get-up. “When a creative genius like Dharmesh Shah is there, you cannot question him. He’s done an amazing job with the look and having a creative and intelligent person like him around really helps.”

Finally, Iqbal looks forward to more of the reactions to pour from his fans. “I have posted my new look picture on Instagram today. I have been getting positive response, but it’s still early. I will wait for more of the reactions to come in (smiles).”

Iqbal, no one else to carry this look better than you!! Rock on!!


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