Paridhi Sharma broke down while shooting the divorce sequence in Patiala Babes

Paridhi broke down in front of everyone while shooting for an important divorce sequence

Paridhi Sharma broke down while shooting the divorce sequence in Patiala Babes

Sony Entertainment Television’s show Patiala Babes has become one of the most popular shows given its unique storyline. The show that revolves around a mother-daughter and their relationship is already winning hearts. Mini (played by Ashnoor Kaur) is helping her mother Babita (essayed by Paridhi Sharma) become independent and is giving her wings to fly and create her own identity as Babita.

In the current track, Babita is undergoing one of the most difficult phases of her life where she has taken the tough decision of giving a divorce to her husband. Her daughter Mini played a critical role in making her understand that divorce is not the end of the world, rather it is a beginning of good things to come.

Paridhi known for her brilliant acting skills, while shooting for the divorce sequence, had gotten so much into the track, that once the shot was over, she broke down infront of everyone. It got everyone around worried and all thought that maybe it was because of the intense scene. But Paridhi post gathering herself told her co-actors that it was because she felt very strong as a woman after shooting the sequence.

Talking about this, Paridhi said, “I’m in a happy marriage in real-life and I have no one in my family or friends who have gone through a divorce. So, understanding the emotions to get it right on-screen was challenging. But my Director made me understand Babita’s emotions and also how it will eventually enable her to emerge as a stronger and independent woman. I got so overwhelmed while shooting the track, that when the shot got an ok, I just couldn’t control myself and had a meltdown on the sets. I wasn’t feeling sad, rather I felt really strong from within and realized that every woman has that power to rewrite her own destiny and not be dependent on anyone.”

Well, viewers too can’t wait for Babita to write her own destiny and emerge as an independent woman.

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