Raj Anadkat is back again with another fun video with his sister; however with a challenging twist this time. The TMKOC actor did a Panipuri challenge with his sister Sonu Anadkat, of 200 Panipuris!

As competition gets intense, both are busy eating panipuris and looking like they are enjoying it. It is a fun competition with a twist at the end. The one who loses will have to eat shagun ki panipuri, which means punishment for losing..

In the challenge, Raj Anadkat won by 2 Panipuri to his sister; as Sonu could have only 75 and Raj 77. The video was quite fun to watch, however, and also the deadly punishment added extra humour to it.

The punishment was for losing a difference of 2, but that was the game rules, and Raj’s sister had to eat the shagun ki panipuri made by Raj Anadkat.

The video earned over 200k views so far now; with several fan comments; as they all enjoyed watching the brother-sister duo again! Hope we get to see more of such challenges between the two!