Rakhi Sawant talks about hubby Adil who is in judicial custody.

Rakhi Sawant’s Words Of Wisdom For Hubby Adil Khan Is Trending; Check Here

Rakhi Sawant is in distress right now!! Recently, she was plagued by the sorrow of losing her mother to cancer. And now, she faces the tough time when her husband Adil Khan is in jail. He has been in jail for more than two weeks now. Rakhi had filed a complaint against him for domestic violence and mishandling of her funds and many other charges.

Rakhi has been running around to win this battle. However, she also wishes well for her hubby. The video where Rakhi Sawant is talking about her husband getting better in mind and attitude, is going viral.

In the video, Rakhi is seen giving a few words of wisdom to her husband, and hoping that he will repent for the mistakes committed and get better and change himself. She says that he should never do any harm to any girl. She says that she will not divorce him. But will see to it that he is charged for all the offence he has done.

This video that we are taking for reference is from the insta handle of viralbhayani.

Check the video here.

Also, Rakhi talks about the new allegation put on Adil by an Iranian woman for which he has been taking to the Mysore court.