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Roadies or Splitsvilla, which is the show that inspires the GenX the most?

Roadies Vs Splitsvilla: The Show That Inspires GenX?

Roadies the youth-based reality show that beams on MTV is all about a group of contestants who are taken to newer destinations to participate in many tasks that test their physical and mental endurance. The show has a lot of scope for adventure, thrill, of course, drama and even romance. This is what the youngsters look for in the shows they watch!! And also, the grit and valour that every contestant shows in the show are indeed inspiring.

Splitsvilla the MTV show is a reality show based on dating experiences. The contestants are out of connect with the world, and the boys and girls hunt for love basically through the show. They compete in the various tasks thrown at them and in the process, find love. The show has seen a lot of fights, drama, jealousy, bitchiness, breakups and of course romance too. Well, all of this again keeps the youth glued to it.

Now, which is the most inspiring show for the GenX?

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