Actor Rohan Mehra and the number ‘47’ go together. Read to know why...

Rohan Mehra and the tale of his lucky number!!

Do you know that actor Rohan Mehra and the Number ‘47’ go together?

You can call it a ‘fixation’ or something to do with ‘luck’… But the fact remains that Rohan who is presently seen essaying the role of Sameer in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, is so very fond of this number that he has it everywhere….

The house number of the Mehras’ is 47. So is Rohan’s BCL jersey, his twitter handle, phone number, and all his cars!!


Says Rohan, “It’s simple. The number 47 is lucky for me. All of this started when I was a child, with my house number being 47. So this kind of continued and I prefer it that way. Now, I prefer everything to be 47.”


He adds, “You will find the number everywhere around me (smiles). I feel blessed and lucky with the number.”

Truly amazing, Rohan!! Stay blessed!!


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