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Beard look: Zain Imam, Shaheer Sheikh or Parth Samthaan?

Shaheer Sheikh Vs Parth Samthaan Vs Zain Imam: Who Looks Dashing In Beard?

Have you ever been wondering “How would I look with a beard”? Picking the right beard for your face shape and style is essential if you want to look on point. You don’t have to be an ON-trend person to know that beards are EPIC and officially back in business!

One can experience the full blast of Zain Imam’s dapper appeal in his latest, Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna. The Naamkarann star exudes the I-am-hot vibes and his scorching sexiness is amplified by the sexy stubble he sports with breezy charm. Female fans are dying to run a hand over its velvety sensuousness. Ah, the agony and the ecstasy of it!

The enchanting boy next door transformed into a searing hot sex symbol the minute his sexy stubble came into being. The tempting appeal of that oh-so-sexy cleft on his chin is enhanced exponentially by the silken sexiness of his trendy beard. As far as beards go, Shaheer sure is setting the style stakes on fire! Shaheer Sheikh’s look is for people who like to play it cool and casual, and the man sure knows how to do so.

Parth Samthaan’s three-day stubble look is for someone who wants a sheath of beard and look tidy at the same time. Parth completely nails this look. He has transformed himself physically by working hard to stay fit, and we cannot have enough of his chiseled body. And of course, the beard makes him look all the sexier.

So who looks to the point in beard?… Parth, Zain or Shaheer?

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