Smart Jodi will see Himalay narrating about the moment when Bhagyashree permitted him to have a crush on a few girls.

Smart Jodi Update: When Bhagyashree permitted Himalay to have a crush on five girls

Smart Jodi the Star Plus reality show has seen the extremely adorable Jodi of Himalay Dassani and Bhagyashree showering love on each other. Theirs has been romance from their school days, which is sparkling even now.

There is never a dull moment when the two of them are on stage. This week, the contestants will work out their tasks based on the theme of ‘trust’.

When Bhagyashree and Himalay will be called on stage, host Maniesh Paul will ask them about the moment when they have talked of having had a crush on anyone.

Himalay will come out in the open about the moment when Bhagyashree gave him the permission to have a crush on not one, but five girls and name them. Himalay will tell that he wrote a lot of names and asked Bhagyashree to choose any five from them. However, Bhagyashree would have given her husband her list of five women.

Himalay will break it out in the open that Bhagyashree had given him five names of Hollywood actresses and openly gave him the permission to have a crush on them.

This will make the contestants erupt in laughter as Himalay will say that this was not done on Bhagyashree’s part!

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