It was a cute moment on the sets of Sony TV’s Indian Idol 9 when judge Sonu Nigam bonded with his son Neevan Nigam.

Sonu Nigam & son Neevan Nigam bond on Indian Idol 9!

During the Grand Finale shoot of Sony TV’s Indian Idol 9, Sonu Nigam’s son Neevan Nigam was seen enjoying the acts and performances. His excitement was evident every time his daddy dearest went on stage to perform.

The boy used to get thrilled and happy to see his dad performing!!

In between shots, Sonu Nigam used to check up on him and during one such moment, the father and son shared a very cute moment on the sets of Sony Entertainment Television’s Indian Idol 9.

Sonu Nigam asked Neevan to sing a song but in return Neevan was seen giggling and gathering himself in his father’s arms. It was a very cute moment indeed that was shared between Sonu Nigam and his Son.

Watch the Finale episode of Indian Idol 9 on Sunday, 8:00PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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