Ssharad Malhotra apologizes for raising his hand at Yesha Rughani on the show Musakaan

Ssharad Malhotra apologizes for slapping Yesha Rughani

Star Bharat’s show Musakaan has been taking gripping twists with interesting story line. While the actors are just are just acting and it’s all a part of the show, there are a few scenes that makes the actor uncomfortable with but yet they need to perform as the script demands.

Speaking of a scene in a current episode, Raunak (Ssharad Malhotra) has to slap Musakaan (Yesha Rughani) in anger. Even though he didn’t really have to hit her hard, and could be a cheat shot, the particular scene got very awkward for the actor.

As per the sources inform, before doing the scene, Ssharad apologised to Yesha saying he is sorry to raise a hand on a girl but its only for the script. Personally the actor doesn’t like raising hand on girls and is totally against it. But Ssharad had to do it for the show with all the emotions in place.

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