Swarda spend her time dancing in her room

Swarda Thigale turns a dance teacher on Pyaar Ke Papad set

Marathi actress, Swarda Thigale who is seen on Star Bharat’s show Pyaar ke Papad is determined to pursue her passion for dancing in all the time she gets post shoot. Swarda is a trained classical dancer with an experience of 8 years. She uses her free time to teach dance to children. According to a close source, Swarda used to lock herself for hours and spend her time dancing in her room.

Asking Swarda on her taking dance classes, she said, “Dance is my passion. One day while getting ready, my hair dresser didi shared how her kid wanted to learn dancing, from there I got an idea to take dance classes on set.”

She added, since the show has just launched we have a very tight shooting schedule. So I teach little ones of my crew members after my shoot gets over in the evening. Though the classes are not regular but I am happy that I can be of some help. I am really enjoying my time with the kids

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