MTV Roadies is a youth based show. This show is all about different challenges to face and move ahead. This show broadcast in 2003. This show is all about going to various destinations, various places and perform various task to check their mental and physical strength. The show gives a various task to present which are really difficult and each every contestant have to play the winner moves ahead and the loser gets eliminated. Eventually, the contestant who manages to survive vote outs and succeed in the final task is chosen as the winner.

You are a part of MTV Roadies Fan Audience if:-

Who is the Founder of Roadies?

What your main motto behind watching Roadies?

You have loved every minute of this show and think that the plot was unique compared to most prime-time shows

Do you think that Roadies helps to find out the real interest of the roadies contestants?

Do you watch all the episodes and seasons of MTV Roadies with same interest and concentration?

Even if there is any other show such as MTV Roadies than will you still go MTV Roadies or the another show?

Do you eagerly wait for Sunday to watch Roadies?

Have you ever missed any episodes or seasons of Roadies?

Do you think that the Auditions of Roadies are really competitive?

As an audience do you think that Roadies is improving or bringing a spark in every new season?

Do Roadies leave an impact on your daily life?

Do you understand the strategy between the judges and contestants?

If you have answers to all the questions and you nodded your head to say yes for all these questions then yes you truly are the part of Roadies Fan audience.