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Tashan moments of Karan and Preeta from Kundali Bhaga

Top Love-Hate SCENES Of PreeRan from Kundali Bhagya

Each relationship has its ups and downs which makes them even more relatable to the audiences. The Jodi enjoys a huge fan following with loyal viewers never failing to miss a single episode to see the couple romance on screen together. It is evident by the fact that the serial is among the most-watched TV shows raking in high TRPs.

Kundali Bhagya is one television show that has managed to keep viewers at the edge of their seats for the past few days. The Zee TV daily soap opera narrates the story of Preeta Arora and Karan Luthra, who despite their warmth and love for each other, always find themselves on the opposite ends of the pole.

The two started with a love-hate relationship, what with Karan being an arrogant flirt and Preeta, your quintessential sweet, small-town girl. Naturally, as soon as they meet they can’t stand each other. But among their silly fights and arguments, the two, of course, start falling in love with each other.

PreeRan’s much-awaited wedding is finally taking place. However, in a major twist, Karan confronts Preeta that he only married her to seek revenge for all the times his family was in pain because of her. The promo of this episode showed that Karan abandons Preeta in the middle of the road and drives away as she chases his car begging him to take her along.

Karan goes to Preeta’s house to confront her about Mahira. But Karan finds himself getting attracted to Preeta. He tries to prank her in the shower but makes himself wet. He spends some moments close to Preeta, which is something that excited the fans.

Preeta is aghast to learn what just happened to her, the man she loves married her for vengeance and has now dumped her. More importantly, Preeta is shocked to learn that Karan hates her and still holds her responsible for his father’s accident and Rishab-Sherlyn’s marriage. Both are suffering and deeply hurt, beyond words. But hope is not all lost.

Take a look at some of the love-hate scenes of Preeran you wished for:

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