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Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai was one of the most loved shows on television though recent times might be showing that the show is losing its charisma and also its TRPs.

Has the TV serial Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai lost its charm?

The hilariously funny TV serial Bhabhi ki Ghar Par Hai seems to be losing its charm. The once witty comedy serial is slowly moving towards its grave and we can’t help but wonder what went wrong there.
One of the reasons why this show is slowly losing out on their TRPs might be its fading quality and the loosening of their once tight-wounded witty script! Audience complaint about the show being no more funny and lack of good punch lines which once used to be the trade mark of the show.

Another reason could easily be because the original Angoori bhabhi aka Shilpa Shinde leaving the show. The audience complained about taking much more than to get accustomed to the new Angoori, Shubhangi Atre. They feel the missing element is beginning to seem to heavy on the show and lack of Shilpa Shinde’s acting chops and comic timing, plus her grasp over the dialect, is quite evident.
Has the TV serial Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai lost its charm?
According to Wikipedia, in 2017, the show became questionable for its publicity when co-actress of the show, Shilpa Shinde participated in Bigg Boss and ever since her exit, it seems to be dwindling and losing that very traction. The critics also pointed out that Shilpa was the main connection between the show and audience. Ever since she left, it has led to a downfall of the show and now it seems to have become just another local primetime television show.

The once blockbuster of television industry slowly seems to have become a tad bit boring and monotonous. However, Shubhangi Atre is doing a good job as Angoori Bhabhi. Now we can only hope that the show regains its old flare and continues to entertain us like before, because we did love everything that this show brought to us in the good old days!

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