Kundali Bhagya’s unexpected twists will blow your mind for sure!

The Unexpected Twists From Kundali Bhagya

Right after the release of the show Kundali Bhagya, it has got some impressive TRP ratings. The show was on the top in its initial week and gave fans a reason to drool upon. In the span of 2 years, the relationship between Karan and Preeta gave us reason to be surprised, and even share a tear. With the years coming to the end slowly, let’s recall the top unexpected twists from the show which marked the beginning of the new saga!

Remember the time when Monisha tried her heart out to marry Karan? Well, Karan is a celebrity, and any girl would love to marry him. But Monisha field a fake molestation case against the Luthra brothers and forced Karan to marry her but Preeta, as usual, stepped in, took matters into her hand, and saved both, the Luthra’s and Karan especially.

The Unexpected Twists From Kundali Bhagya

Another scene was after the Holi when Sherlyn left no stones unturned as she mixed something in the drink of Rishabh. Then, she created a fake illusion in front of Rishabh that he got intimate with her and slept with her. Then she pressurizes Rishabh to marry her as Rishabh being the honest person, falls for her trap!

The Unexpected Twists From Kundali Bhagya 1

Now comes the real twist! Sherlyn kidnapped Sarla from the party and then took her to someplace with Prithvi. There Sherlyn and Prithvi together plan to kill Sarla and we are shown that the duo pushed Sarla from the cliff of the mountain. Did she die?

The Unexpected Twists From Kundali Bhagya 2

Lastly, the best moment of Kundali Bhagya we can count in! When all the followers were enthusiastically waiting for Karan and Preeta to unite. We saw in the early stage how Karan expressed his feelings for Preeta and thus, married her. The scene was so heart-warming that we just can’t take our eyes from them and Preeta’s eyes talk a lot, don’t they?

The Unexpected Twists From Kundali Bhagya 3

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