The actor met with a mishap on the set

Vishal Vashishta punched by junior artist

Vishal Vashishta, who has been shooting death-defying stunts on Jaat Ki Jugni, is going the extra mile to make all the action and stunts look as real as possible. Recently while performing a fight sequence, the actor mistakenly got punched by one of the junior artist on the set.

The scene required Bittu (played by Vishal) to save Munni (played by Madirakshi) from goons. However while enacting the fight scene, a junior artist actually punched Vishal. Fortunately, Vishal did not face any major injury. In fact, he started laughing and made the junior artist comfortable as he kept apologising.

When contacted, Vishal says, “Such incidents happen only when actors give their cent per cent in every scene. I and the actor who by mistake punched me laughed and continued performing the scene.”

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