Interesting update in Colors show Internet Wala Love produced by Sphereorigins with Aadhya getting a suitable alliance.

Aadhya to get a marriage proposal in Internet Wala Love

Colors’ latest offering Internet Wala Love (Sphereorigins) has been enthralling audience with interesting twists and turns.

In the series, misunderstandings are creating rifts between Jai (Shivin Narang) and Aadhya (Tunisha Sharma) after Aadhya’s mobbed photograph went viral. Aadhya got Jai arrested for the same, but she is unaware of the real culprit going to ruin her life and that being Samrat and not Jai.

In the coming episode, Samrat (Kanwar Dhillon) will be entering Aadhya’s life and becoming her support system. His psychotic love for Aadhya will soon create double trouble for Aadhya.

Now, the boy will come to meet Aadhya’s father and share his wish to marry Aadhya and ask for her hand.


Will Aadhya marry Samrat?

We buzzed artists but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.




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