Ajooni the Star Bharat show produced by Frames Productions and Prem Entertainment has seen Rajveer’s (Shoaib Ibrahim) aggressive lust for Ajooni (Ayushi Khurana). He has vowed to marry her very soon and is seen stalking Ajooni. He is also being around her family to force them to get their daughter married to him.

Rajveer’s atrocities have troubled Ajooni a lot. However, she has succumbed to the fear of Rajveer harming her family members. We have seen her giving her consent to marry Rajveer. However, she has put forth a condition that he has to apologize before her family.

On the other hand, Rajveer’s family is also threatened by their son’s decision of marrying a girl from a middle-class family. Rajveer’s father will in the coming episode, refuse to accept this decision of Rajveer to marry Ajooni. However, Rajveer will threaten his family. He will tell them that he will die if they do not give their consent.

Rajveer will be seen holding a gun on himself and threatening to kill himself if his family does not agree to his marriage with Ajooni.

Will Rajveer’s family give him consent?