SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar is up for another drama this week as the Narayan family are stuck in yet another problem this time. In the upcoming track the Narayan family will find an ancient looking pot in their house, which ultimately lead to a series of problems for them.

Billo Bua finds the antique pot used by Chidiya Amma and brings it to Chidiya Ghar to show it to the rest of the Narayan family. Chidiyaghar family members gather around and reminiscence about Chidiya Amma and her ways and share an emotional moment. Billo Bua and Babuji get very emotional about the pot and decide on keeping it in the house instead of giving it away. Little does the family know what misfortune the pot will bring in the family. The first victim who falls prey to the pot is Gadhaprasad as his feet get stuck in the pot. Chidiya Ghar members collectively put in all efforts to set free Gadhaprasad’s feet. Considering the sentimental value of the pot, the members will also have to make sure that they don’t break or damage it.

Will Gadhaprasad’s feet come out of the pot unharmed? Who’s the next victim of this supposedly ill-fated pot? What will Billo Bua do now?

Commenting on the track, Bharati Achrekar who plays Billo Bua says, “Chidiya Ghar always focuses on teaching values to its viewers and with this track it teaches its viewers not to be sentimental with objects. We often get attached to various things and objects in our life. As the track will proceed we will see how they will land in various problems because of the pot. It’s an hilarious track as Chidiya Ghar members struggle with the pot. To find out the mystery behind the pot the viewers have to watch the episode.”