Anupamaa the Star Plus television show produced by Rajan Shahi’s Director’s Kut has seen engaging drama with Anupamaa (Rupali Ganguly) trying to get up after being hit by yet another setback in her life. She was successfully handling her work, her restaurant Spice and Chutney and had been elevated to handling it as a partner too. However, destiny came up with yet another shocking setback which resulted in the restaurant closing down, and Anupamaa’s name being tarnished.

However, the upcoming episode will see Anupamaa emerging to fight this battle and come out of it victoriously. Anupamaa has already guessed that it could be the work of Paritosh and has issued a warning to get him caught with proof. She will be seen going to Yashdeep’s house to tell him that she will make sure that the culprit is caught and the restaurant is reopened again.

Amidst all this, Anupamaa will face the wrath of her daughter Adhya (Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni) when she will ask Anupamaa to get out of her house. Adhya will have an incident in school where her friends will taunt at her and will not touch her food, stating that since she is the daughter of Anupamaa, her food might not be healthy enough. Adhya will lament facing such an incident.

Anupamaa will rebuke her double standards at home and outside. She will question her ability to fight for every single cause at home, but remain silent when faced with such adversities outside. Anupamaa will advice Adhya to stand up for her herself, and will also taunt her for keeping quiet and not telling her friends that she has no relation with Anupamaa.

Anupamaa Ep 1300 28th May Written Episode Update

Spice and Chutney was closed down, and Anupamaa’s trophy was snatched away from her. She was devastated and believed that Paritosh was the culprit. She even confronted him for his mistake.

What will happen?

Anupamaa has been the numero uno show across all GECs for a long time now. The show caters to the attention and love of housewives who have strived to make things work and start careers of their own. The show produced by Rajan Shahi has Rupali Ganguly playing the titular role of Anupamaa. Actors Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna play the male leads in the show.