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Ananya's life in danger in Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

Baalveer Returns spoiler alert: Ananya’s life in danger

Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns has been successful in attracting the audience’s attention and is serving interesting drama.

As seen so far, Ray (Shoaib Ali) lands on earth, Ananya mistakes him as Nakabposh. Ray also confesses being the real Nakabposh. Soon, Debu gets suspicious of this new person from their college, who is claiming to be Nakabposh. Ray decides to use Ananya to reach Nakabposh and get his powers.

Now in the coming episode, Ananya’s life will be in threat

Shares a source, “Ananya will get trapped inside a burning ambulance and her life will be in danger.”

OMG! Who will come to her rescue? Will Baalveer manage to save her?

Also, on the other hand, Baalveer and Vivaan would be searching for the secret door from where the Shinkai people come on earth.

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