Race against time for Baalveer to save Vivaan in Sony Sab show Baalveer Returns

Baalveer Returns spoiler alert: Race against time for Baalveer to save Vivaan

Baalveer Returns, the popular Sony Sab show, has seen quite a lot of drama happening in the last few weeks. The show never fails to impress the audience with its exciting twists and turns.

As seen so far, Vivaan (Vansh Sayani)  gets in grave trouble as Birba (Aayesha Khan) puts Vivaan inside a huge crocodile’s mouth.

In the coming episode, Baalveer (Dev Joshi) manages to save Vivaan from getting killed by a giant crocodile, however, Birba traps Vivaan in a giant egg. To make matters worse, Vivaan is hidden between 100 such eggs. Baalveer needs to find Vivaan from 100 such similar eggs but time is ticking as Vivaan life is still in danger.

Will Baalveer manage to save him?

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