The popular and well-rated Star Bharat show will see a major love confession sequence.

Babbu to confess his love for Nimki in Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya

Star Bharat’s popular show Nimki Mukhiya (Qissago Telefilms) will stun its loyal viewers by coming up with a sequence wherein Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) will confess her love for Babbu (Abhishek Sharma) in style!!

What? Are you already shocked?

Well, here is what you can see this week…

An interesting sequence will see Nimki and Babbu getting into a heated argument amidst which Babbu will accept his mistakes and will confess that he is in love with Nimki.

A credible source tells us, “This will be a scene which will happen amidst all the family members. Babbu and Nimki while fighting will have a moment when Babbu will stop her from arguing, telling her in style that he loves her and will also end up hugging her.”


The sequence will also see Nimki crossing the line which has been drawn by Anaro (Garima Vikrant Singh), to stop Nimki from coming over one part of the house. The entire family will be shocked to see Babbu and Nimki’s closeness!!

We buzzed the actors, but they were not available for comment.

Is this the start of the love story in Nimki Mukhiya? Watch this space for more updates.


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