Sony Entertainment Television’s show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 is churning the interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. In the storyline, Josh comes to the Kapoor mansion and surprises everyone when he asks for Prachi’s hand in marriage. Prachi agrees to marry Joshi. Raghav hides his pain from everyone after Prachi’s wedding announcement. Raghav acts distant toward Prachi to hide his true feelings from her.

Meanwhile, Pihu and Prachi finally have a heart-to-heart after three years. Prachi discovers that Raghav suffered injustice because of her family, and she feels ashamed. Meanwhile, Avni and Josh devise a plan to use Raghav’s brother against him. Soon, his brother Kapil asks Raghav for his share in the business. However, Prachi asks Raghav to look for a job for Kapil.

In the coming episode, Josh witnesses Prachi’s closeness with Raghav and decides to do something. He decides to prepare breakfast for Prachi to be in her good books and starts making preparations. Josh gets breakfast for Prachi at the table and waits for Prachi to arrive, but she fails to come as she gets busy solving the differences between Raghav and his brother Kapil.

How will Josh react?

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