Sony Entertainment Television’s show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 is churning the interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. As per the plot, Pihu and Lakhan compete against each other in a drinking game at the office party. Hence, Lakhan and Pihu get food poisoning after the office party, and Prachi takes over their responsibilities. Hence, Prachi gets late for her date with Josh, but Raghav comes to her help at the last minute.

Prachi informs Josh how Raghav helped her. However, Josh gets angry and feels that he is losing his influence over Prachi and decides to take a drastic step to drive a wedge between her and Raghav. Josh and Sidd plan their next move to separate Raghav and Prachi. Meanwhile, Prachi gets the good news that her interview will be published in India’s top magazine. Prachi asks Josh to be present for her interview. However, Josh says he will only show up if Raghav isn’t around.

In the coming episode, Prachi gets upset with Josh’s behaviour and talks to Raghav about the same. Soon, the latter reveals to Prachi that Josh is not the perfect guy for her. Raghav also advises Prachi to think well before taking the big step of marriage. As it is her wedding, the decision should be hers.

Will Prachi consider Raghav’s advice?

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