Balika Vadhu 2 the Colors show produced by Sphere Origins has seen engaging drama with Anandi (Shivangi Joshi) running out of Jigar’s (Samridh Bawa) house on her birthday. We saw how physical Jigar got when Anandi tried to talk to him about her future and her studies. Also, with Jigar’s family forcing Anandi to deck up as their bahu, Anandi decided to run away from home.

We saw how Anandi got into a spot of bother after eloping from home. We saw how Anand came to her rescue. Now in the coming drama, Premji (Manu Malik) will get to know of Anandi’s desire to study further. Even when Premji will know that Jigar is against Anandi’s studies, Premji will tell Anandi that she can study and get enrolled in college.

Anandi will be happy with Premji’s decision. She will be elated to join college.

Will Jigar create a problem now? Will Jigar go against his father’s wish?