Anirudh’s life in danger in Colors show Barrister Babu

Barrister Babu spoiler alert: Anirudh’s life in danger

Colors show Barrister Babu produced by Shashi Sumeet has always kept the viewers hooked to its gripping storyline.

Recently, audiences witnessed Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra) getting to know the real reason behind Bondita’s (Aura Bhatnagar) illness.

At the same time, Bhatuk locks up Bondita in a room and Bondita reacts weirdly and gets scared. She screams for her father and Anirudh notices this.

Now, in the coming episode, Anirudh will come up with a smart play. He will turn into a magician and would show some magic to the kids. Later, he will call out for the kid who is brave and not scared of anything. Bondita will go and Anirudh will give her a task. He will lock her inside a small box with a small hole.

On the other hand, the fellow magician will leave a snake who will go towards Anirudh. Bondita will witness the snake and would get scared. She will scream and bang the door.

Will she be able to save Anirudh?

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