Bepanah Pyaarr show will see interesting drama

Bepanah Pyaarr: Raghbir decides to commit suicide

Bepanah Pyaarr the Colors show will see a huge high point with Raghbir (Pearl V Puri) attempting suicide.


Yes, earlier in the day we wrote about Pearl shooting for an important rain sequence even when he was suffering from fever.

The high intensity sequence is none other than the suicide attempt that Raghbir will try to commit.

As per the ongoing plot, Pragati (Ishita Dutta) has been trying to dress up as Bani (Aparna Dixit) to keep Raghbir calm in body and mind.

In the coming episodes, Raghbir will get to know of Pragati’s hand behind him seeing Bani before his eyes.

He will get all the more frustrated when his family will make him realize that it was Pragati playing it up with him.

As per a reliable source, “A frustrated Raghbir will run to the terrace of the house and will decide to jump off. Amidst the pouring rain, Raghbir will decide to end his life.”


It will yet again be Pragati who will come in as his savior.

We buzzed actors but could not get through for comment.

Watch this space at for more updates.

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