Beyhadh 2 will soon bring Maya and MJ face to face. What will happen now?

Beyhadh 2: Maya and MJ’s DEADLY encounter

Beyhadh 2 the Sony TV show produced by LSD Films has seen Rudra (Shivin Narang) getting married to Maya (Jennifer Winget).

Now viewers look forward to the first face-off between Maya and MJ (Ashish Chowdhry).

We hear that Maya will soon come face to face with MJ. MJ will get the biggest shock of his life, when he will see his son having married Maya.

How will the playout happen?

We hear that the story will take an interesting twist here, and it will be engrossing for the audience.


Are you looking forward to this meetup?

What will happen when the titans clash?

We buzzed actors of Beyhadh 2 but could not get through.

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