The ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ witnessed many exciting highlights. Still, the most significant impact was created by Rajiv Adatia’s wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house. His mind games have started to ruffle the feathers of his fellow contestants as his first target is Ieshaan. Rajiv reprimands him for dating Meisha by pointing out he has forgotten his intention in the ‘BIGG BOSS’ house, and that their relationship is not good for his ‘image’. “Teen din mein kisi se pyaar nahi hota… Koi yahaan kisika sagaa nahi hai!” he mocks Ieshaan.

On the other hand, he also starts filling Shamita’s ears about Vishal. He tries to convince her that she made a mistake by allying with Vishal. He warns, “Vishal pe bilkul bharosa mat karna… woh aapko use karke aage jaa raha hai.” Shamita seems to have taken his bait, as she has an intense confrontation with him. But Vishal makes it clear, “Aapko bharosa karna hai toh karo, nahi karna hai toh I’ll not force you.”

However, he does not realise that the tide has turned against him. Many contestants have observed his game and started speaking up. While Shamita reveals that she is ‘really hurt’ by his behaviour, Karan also shares his trust issues with him. He expresses his dislike for Vishal’s habit of talking behind everyone’s back. Is Vishal’s journey at Bigg Boss coming to an end?

Meanwhile, the contestants thoroughly enjoy pulling Ieshaan and Meisha’s legs as they have a little argument. Meisha complains how Ieshaan’s behaviour has been poor lately. Jay, who enjoys their tamasha, warns Ieshaan, “Aurat ke tough looks sabse zyaada khatarnaak cheez hoti hai!” He advises Ieshaan using his own experience, while Tejasswi also chimes in this hilarious banter!