Bitti to take a daring step to make Mahi aware of the danger he is getting into by marrying Gunjan in &TV’s Bitti Business Wali.

Bitti to risk herself for Mahi in &TV’s Bitti Business Wali

&TV’s Bitti Business Wali (Raakesh Paswan) is gearing up for major drama in the coming episode.

We hear Bitti (Prakruti Mishra) will put her life in danger to save Mahi’s (Abhishek Bajaj) life.

Shares a source, “Bitti will sneak into Gunjan’s room and get her unconscious. She will change into Gunjan’s bridal outfit and dress Gunjan in her own clothes. Later, she will hide Gunjan under the bed and put down her ghunghat.”

Furthermore, Gunjan’s mother will come into the room. She will be unaware of Bitti dressed as the bride instead of Gunjan. The servant will come in and Gunjan’s mother will tell her to inject Gunjan with the medicine so that she doesn’t act crazy during the pheras. Bitti will go to the mandap with everyone being unaware that she is dressed as the bride. From under the ghungat, she will quietly tell Mahi (Abhishek Bajaj) that it’s her and that everyone were trying to get him married to Gunjan who is mentally ill.

What will happen next? Will she reveal her identity?

We buzzed Prakruti but she was busy shooting.

Watch this space for more updates.


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