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Interesting drama in Star Bharat show

Chirag to try to run away in Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya

Loyal viewers of Star Bharat’s Nimki Mukhiya (Qissago Telefilms) recently saw enthralling drama wherein Tettar (Vijay Kumar) and Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) have a heated argument and she accepts Tettar’s challenge.

Now, we hear, Nahar will plot to capture Chirag and present him before the panchayat. However, Tettar will assure Soorajbhan that they will get Richa and Chirag married at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Nahar is happy that he has cracked a deal with Nimki. Tettar will tell Kundan that they must resolve the issue before Soorajbhan changes his mind. However, Nimki will assure Sweety (Shriya Jha) that she will never give up on Richa.

Soon, Chirag will try to run away. But Diamond (Jatin Suri) and Jhariya will obstruct him and Babbu (Abhishek Sharma) would threaten Chirag to not attempt to escape.

What would happen next? Will Nimki win the challenge?

We buzzed the actors, but they were not available for comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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