Sony Entertainment Television has brought forth a gripping narrative in their latest offering, Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi produced by Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha under Invictus T Mediaworks. As seen so far, Arya and Janerao decide to leave when they see on TV that Satya stepped down, and Kasturi is now running for election. Arya decides to stay, but Janerao advises against it. Arya later finds a way into Satya’s house as she learns that Kasturi is set to get Yug and Zai’s engaged. Arya and Janerao change their getups and come to Zai’s engagement.

Arya and Janarao, disguised as a waiter, plan to meet Arya’s friend to hand over a gun. However, Janarao decides to act on his own observations from being with Satya and refuses to hand over the gun. He makes Arya promise to proceed cautiously. Later, Satya publicly acknowledges Zai as his daughter, attributing her upbringing to Kasturi and praising her qualities as indicative potential for the Chief Minister. But, Arya resolves to prevent Kasturi from becoming CM at all costs.

In the coming episode, during Yug and Zai’s engagement, as Yug attempts to place the ring on Zai’s finger, Janerao, disguised among the guests, pulls out a gun and shoots at Kasturi. Arya rushes towards the stage, feigning an attempt to save Kasturi, but the chaos ensues as guests panic and scatter. Arya gets hit by the bullet on her shoulder and falls down, shocking everyone and making them confused and scared.

The show introduces us to Arya, portrayed brilliantly by Maahi Bhadra. Satya is played with compelling charisma by Aamir Dalvi. Her mother, Chhaya, is portrayed by Sai Deodhar.