Sony Entertainment Television has brought forth a gripping narrative in their latest offering, Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi produced by Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha under Invictus T Mediaworks. As seen so far, Janerao, disguised among the guests, pulls out a gun and shoots at Kasturi. Arya rushes towards the stage, faking an attempt to save Kasturi. However, Arya gets hit by the bullet on her shoulder and falls down. Satya gets worried for Kasturi and the family and decides to investigate the matter.

Janerao warns Arya that Yugg, being a millionaire, could deploy spies against her. However, if Yugg discovers Arya’s true identity as Arya Rajyavtar instead of Aira Karkhanis, it could lead to trouble. Despite Yugg’s attempts to investigate Arya, he finds no substantial information. Arya speculates that Satya and Kasturi might still be keeping tabs on her, as her body was never found. Arya determined not to let Yugg Sisodiya interfere with her goals, believing he won’t be able to expose her. Yugg, on the other hand, is determined to keep his secret hidden, even from Arya.

In the coming episode, during a press conference, Kasturi made a solemn promise in front of the people that Satya Raj party will always work for the welfare of the citizens and never abandon their support. However, her vow was met with humiliation as a woman throws ink on her face, shocking Satya and Yug, while Arya found solace in the chaos.

The show introduces us to Arya, portrayed brilliantly by Maahi Bhadra. Satya is played with compelling charisma by Aamir Dalvi. Her mother, Chhaya, is portrayed by Sai Deodhar.