Mitegi Lakshmanrekha on &TV will see Dadi getting angry at the new bride, Kanchan.

Dadi to get angry with Kanchan in &TV’s Mitegi Lakshmanrekha

&TV’s show Mitegi Lakshmanrekha (Shashi Sumeet Productions) has been enthralling audience with intriguing drama.

Loyal viewers witnessed Kanchan (Shivani Tomar) and Vishesh’s (Rahul Sharma) grand wedding.

Now, an entire welcome ceremony is planned for Kanchan at the Rajmahal house. She will prepare kheer for the first time in the house and serve everyone.

However, by mistake, she will add salt instead of sugar to the kheer causing Vishesh’s Dadi (Jayshree.T) to erupt with anger. She will yell at her for doing this mistake and tell her how inauspicious it is to mess the first meal prepared by a new daughter-in-law.


Will this cause a trouble for Kanchan?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect the actress for a comment.

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