Check out Dangal TV's popular show Dalchini's latest episode, number 48 spoiler, where you will see that Dalchini gets a gift from Tej for the first time.

Dalchini Episode 48 Spoiler: Dalchini gets a gift from Tej

In Dangal TV’s popular show Dalchini viewers are witnessing intense drama. Now you will see that Dalchini and Rajrani make food in the kitchen, and due to Rajrani’s mistake, the hot oil is about to fall on Dalchini’s hand, but she intervenes, and her hands get burned. However, Param taunts Rajrani, but Tej stops Param.

Later, Dalchini tries to convince Tej to help her make things better between Rajrani and Param, to which, after many efforts, Tej agrees. Dalcheeni prepares a bed for Tej, and he comes in with a gift in his hand for Dalchini and gives him an expensive phone. But her sister Kala asks her to give this phone to her and replace it with the one she is giving her. Dalchini denies her request straightforwardly.

Then, Dalchini and Tej give sweets to Daad Ji and ask him about Rajrani and Param’s past, which he denies. Then Dalcheeni recalls that whenever Param is upset, he goes to the storeroom so she can get something over there. Soon, Tej and Dalchini go to the store room and find the love letters from Rajrani and Param. The next morning, Dalchini gives a letter to Tej to post with Rajrani’s name on behalf of Param. Rajrani calls Dalchini, and both come into the hall. Rajrani reveals that there is a ritual of carving names on utensils, so she has to do the same. But Dalchini cries and says that she can’t read or write.

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