Happy times ahead in Colors’ Devanshi…

Happy times ahead in Colors’ Devanshi…

Devanshi to get PREGNANT in Colors’ Devanshi

Colors’ popular show Devanshi (Full House Media) is gearing up for a new twist in the upcoming episode.

As per the ongoing plot, Mohan (Aamir Dalvi) has disguised as a woman and created misunderstanding between Devanshi (Helly Shah) and Vardan (Mudit Nayyar).

Now, in the upcoming drama, Vardan and Devanshi’s differences will yawn. Vardan will get angry when he will learn about Devanshi lying to him about her whereabouts and ignoring an important social commitment. The seeds of suspicion planted by Mohan against Devanshi in Vardan’s mind will begin to grow.

Later, Vardan will yell at Devanshi for lying to him and embarrassing him before people.

Furthermore, Devanshi will come to Menka’s house and will find a strong clue against Bua (Karuna Pandey) and will also learn about her true identity. But before she can go ahead with her plan, she will fall unconscious. Devanshi will be ecstatic when she will realise that she is pregnant. But when she would rush to tell Vardan the happy news, she will get the shock of her life.

What will be the shock? Will this news create difference between Devanshi and Menka?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Helly for a comment.

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