The track ahead in the &TV show will see both the mothers of Krishna meeting up.

Devki and Yashoda to come face to face in &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna

Loyal viewers of &TV’s mythological show Paramavatar Shri Krishna (Peninsula Pictures) have been witnessing the cute histrionics of little Krishna (Nirnay Samadhiya), as he plays his mind games against Kans (Manish Wadhwa).

This week, the track will focus on a huge high point, that will be of Devki (Gluki Joshi) and Yashoda (Gungun Uprari) coming face to face!!

As per credible sources, “Starting from tonight, the story will move towards the two mothers of Krishna meeting each other.”

The huge meet-up will happen in Gokul, and upon meeting, both Devki and Yashoda will stake their claims on Krishna.

For the uninitiated, Devki, who gives birth to Krishna is forced to send her new-born away from her, in the fear of him getting killed by Kans. Yashoda is remembered in Hindu mythology as the mother who showered all her love and affection in bringing up Krishna.

This interesting sequence has been well-shot and will be a visual treat for viewers to watch..

Gear up for this track this week in the popular & TV show.

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