Doree the Colors show produced by Jay Productions will see Ganga Prasad motivating Doree to set her dreams and ambitions on a big scale. Read it here at

Doree Spoiler: Ganga Prasad motivates Doree to aim high

Doree the Colors show produced by Jay Productions has seen engaging drama with Ganga Prasad (Amar Upadhyay) getting work at Solhah Singar Shop of Kailashi Devi (Sudha Chandran). He was given the task of completing the unique saree design for Kailashi’s clients. On the other hand, Mansi (Toral Rasputra) got to know that her daughter was alive and started searching for her. Ganga saw a lady looking for a child who was thrown into the Ganges six years back. Ganga had a fight with his conscience after which he decided that he would never leave Doree.

The coming episode will see Doree in a sad state. Ganga will show her a picture of a woman getting married and going in a palanquin. Doree will be upset on seeing it and will ask her father whether he is already making arrangements to get her married. Ganga will tell that the significance of the picture for him is Doree going out of the house to study and get into a big job. This way, Ganga will motivate Doree to aim higher in life.

Doree Ep 17 28th November Written Episode Update

A few thieves entered Ganga’s house and robbed all their comforts. Along with the valuables, Doree fought with the goons and got back her father’s threads, but gave the gold nazariya which was her identity jewel.

What will happen next?

The social drama ‘Doree’ traces the story of a six-year-old girl named Doree, who lives with her foster father, Ganga Prasad (role essayed by Amar Upadhyay) in the Bunkar mohalla, Varanasi. While Ganga Prasad counts himself lucky to have a daughter, the ruler of Varanasi’s handloom empire, Kailashi Devi Thakur deems daughters as unworthy. Set against the backdrop of Varanasi, the makers decided to shoot few sequences in the holy city of Varanasi.