Meri Durga to witness a new twist…

Durga to feel betrayed by Sanjay in Meri Durga

Star Plus’ Meri Durga (Paperback Films) has been keeping viewers interested with its interesting twists.

The coming episodes will again see huge drama that will be created by Sanjay (Paras Kalnawat).

As seen so far, Durga (Srishti Jain) manage to save her house.

In the coming episode, Aarti’s (Komal Sharma) father will be furious when he would learn that Sanjay has obtained a stay order for Durga’s house.

Meanwhile, Durga will learn that Sanjay is at Aarti’s house to meet her father; she will rush there only to find Sanjay missing.

Later, after Durga will reach the farmhouse in search of Sanjay, she will overhear his private conversation with Aarti. The girl will be devastated and would feel betrayed. She will eventually faint after getting a big shock.

What will happen next?

We called Srishti but she was busy shooting.

Are you excited to witness the drama?

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