Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions has seen engaging drama with Faltu (Niharika Chouksey) getting back to living her life with cricket and playing her first match. She waited for Ayaan (Aakash Ahuja) to come and witness her match, but he did not. Now that Faltu’s wedding has been fixed, Faltu is worried about facing Ayaan. But she also gets to know that Ayaan is nowhere to be seen, and his family believes that he has gone out.

We saw how Tanisha master planned Ayaan’s kidnap and kept him captive. Ayaan believes that Neel has got him kidnapped. The coming episode will see Ayaan rescuing himself and beating up the guy in the room. He will tie him up and will immediately call Faltu to tell her that Neel has got him kidnapped and that he is a bad person. However, Ayaan will not be able to speak further as he will be caught by the other men in the gang. Faltu will question Neel and will believe that he is innocent.

Faltu will decide to go to the Mittal house to tell all that Ayaan is in danger.

What will happen next?

Faltu the Star Plus show produced by Boyhood Productions, revolves around an unwanted girl, Faltu, named useless after her parents’ frustration at the birth of a third girl and a stillborn twin son. It is the story of Faltu who aspires to become a cricketer and is helped by Ayaan Mittal in her journey forward. The show stars Aakash Ahuja, Niharika Chouksey as the leads.