Being a favourite amongst the audiences, SAB TV’s Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga has kept them hooked on to their screens with some great revelations coming up. While Ammi is determined on finding the Genie who is troubling Baghdad, Aladdin is engrossed in his attempts of finding ways to finish Genie of the Ring and save Ginu from his truth coming out.

Everyone in Baghdad is ready to attack the Genie with devices sent by Bulbul Chacha to catch him. With all this going on, Ginu is solely dependent on Aladdin to save him and feels betrayed on knowing he is with Meher in the palace. To make things worse, everyone in Baghdad start playing flutes, the sound of which is supposed to weaken the powers of Genies, which instantly affects Ginu and makes him furious. With all that is bothering him, Ginu uses his powers to destroy all the flutes in the room, just then Ammi enters and is shocked to see Ginu in his actual form.

How will Ammi react on this shocking revelation?

Smita Bansal, playing the role of Ammi said, “Ammi has put all her heart and soul into finding the bad Genie for the safety of the people of Baghdad. However, after all the attempts, she comes to know the shocking truth of her adopted son Ginu, who himself is a Genie. It will be intriguing for the viewers to find out how this situation will change her equation with Ginu.”

Raashul Tandon, playing the role of Ginu said, “Ginu was furious on not having Aladdin by his side to protect him and was rather with Meher. However, even after taking all precautions to save himself, Ginu’s truth has finally come out to Ammi. Devastated by this, Ginu now has to face what lies for him. With all this going on, there is a lot more in store for our viewers and they are surely to going to have a fun time.”