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Star Bharat’s most eligible bachelor Shiv Gupta is all set to eat Shaadi Ka Laddoo in Gupta Brothers Chaar Kunware From Ganga Kinaare !

Gupta Brothers Chaar Kunware From Ganga Kinaare spoiler alert: Shiv and Mridula to get married

Star Bharat’s new dramedy show ‘Gupta Brothers Chaar Kunware From Ganga Kinaare’ an entertainment package of these four baniya brothers is winning hearts. They do everything on their own as they are self-reliant and self-sufficient. Set in the backdrop of the city that resides the holy Ganga river these are the four bachelors who are taking us to a journey of their lives. The viewers are enjoying the joyous journey with ‘Shiv Ka Gyaan’ as the episode ends. Shiv is not only keen on making his brothers kifaayati but also shares these hacks with the viewers.

While the ongoing track of the show revolves around how Mridula (Parineeta Borthakur) has not only taken over the Gupta House but has now planned to take over the shop as well! By proving that she is the only daughter of Shiv’s fathers’ business partner she now has the claim to everything they own. But what is her agenda to enter the lives of these brothers and create dramatic havoc?

It is interesting to see how a woman changes the dynamics in the lives of these poor kunwaras and are in for some drama!

Yes, you heard it right, the show is now taking us towards a dramedy journey!

A talented artist with a golden heart Hiten Tejwani is essaying the lead role and is the only zimmedaar brother. With his many roles done in the past the extraordinaire actor has really made us a fan of his rapport and responsibilities towards his brothers. Will he let Mridula get in a way of their bachelorhood?

Well, audience are in for a treat, with the upcoming track on the show and under series of circumstances which lead to Shiv and Mridula to get married. But what made Shiv take this drastic step, is up to audience to find out.

When spoken to the talented actor Hiten, he shared, “Shiv being the eldest of the lot has now taken the drastic decision to get married. This has definitely had an effect on the brothers who grew up with Shiv and his principles about being self- reliant. With the show earlier being a dramedy, now the makers have decided to change the genre to drama. While shooting for the wedding sequence when the brothers find about Shiv’s sudden decision is going to have its repercussions and let’s not forget drama is a part of life and is going to be something the viewers will have to look out for. Viewers have so far supported us brothers constantly now it is for them to join us on this new journey.”

Let’s find out, why did Shiv decide to get married?

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