Here, check out the full episode no 35 of the Dangal TV show Har Bahu Ki Yahi Kahani Sasumaa Ne Meri Kadar Na Jaani, where Pallavi gets trapped in Babli Devi's plan.

Har Bahu Ki Yahi Kahani Sasumaa Ne Meri Kadar Na Jaani Ep 35: Pallavi Falls Into  Babli Devi’s Trap

In Dangal TV’s show Har Bahu Ki Yahi Kahani Sasumaa Ne Meri Kadar Na Jaani, viewers are witnessing intense drama. Today in the show, you will see that Arnavy reaches Pallavi’s home and saves her from the goons, after which Pallavi and his mother, Babli Devi, hug him.

Later, after reaching home, Pallavi’s mother-in-law, Babli Devi, tells her that her father has to pay for Damad Ji’s travel trip as a recovery for his insult last time. To this, Pallavi says to Babli Devi that her father will not pay. Instead, she will pay for his trip as it was her fault earlier. As Pallavi has no money to pay, she prays to Lord Bholenath to give her some way. That moment, she saw the Sarvgun Sampan Competition. Pallavi goes to share this with Arnav, but she collides with Arnav, and a romantic moment is created. Later, Arnav leaves without listening to Pallavi.

On the other hand, Priyanka tries to help Pallavi as she gives the money she got from her husband. But Pallavi refrains from taking it and then enters Babli Devi and puts the robbery blame on Priyanka and Pallavi. While Priyanka starts to explain that it was her fault, her husband slaps her before she can say further. After this, she asks the reason for slapping so that he is again going to slap her before Pallavi stops him. Now, it will be interesting to see how Pallavi will solve this matter.

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